REX Protocol

Bringing liquidty to real estate

Bringing Liquidity to Real Estate

Buy and sell tokenized real estate with the click of a button!

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Unlock Liquidity in Your Properties

Don't want to get rid of your property? Unlock your liquidity by tokenizing your real estate and selling tokens backed bythe equity in your property.

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Trade Real Estate Assets on a Crypto Exchange

Hand pick your own real estate portfolio.

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Why Real Estate?

Buying real estate has been a staple of our world economy for a plethora of reasons. To begin with, unlike fiat currency, there is a limited amount of real estate on earth that is quickly being depleted through population and economic growth making it a powerful hedge against inflation. Over the long term, real estate has been an appreciating asset, with average home prices growing over 18% in the United States just in 2021 according to Additionally, with the changing climate, scientists predict sea levels to rise – therefore making habitable real estate even more scarce than it already is. Historically, holding real estate has been safer and more lucrative than holding inflationary currencies such as fiat.

REX Is Making It Easy

If getting into real estate is so great, why isn’t everybody doing it? Unfortunately, up until now, real estate has had many barriers to entry, including, but not limited to: high costs, lack of experience, lack of time, geographic boundaries, and last, but certainly not least, liquidity. REX is aiming to fix all of these problems with our tokenized real estate and exchange platform. By tokenizing real estate, everyday people will be able to buy tokens representing real properties all over the world. These real estate tokens are fractional and fungible, therefore there is no need to break the bank and buy a whole property, but just a portion thereof. While you’re at it, why not buy property tokens all over the world and build your own crypto real estate portfolio?

Can I Tokenize My Property?

Property owners also have many incentives to tokenize their properties. Aside from the liquidity REX provides, property owners can also easily maintain control of a property while selling a small part of their tokens. Additionally, property owners can raise funds through their token sales to diversify their real estate portfolios, upgrade their properties, or even pay off their mortgage! All tokenized properties listed onto REX are owned by third parties such as real estate investment funds, developers, investors, and private individuals. Tokenizing a property will require information about the property, proof of ownership, and the owner’s information and plans for the property. Once all documentation passes REX’s verification procedure you will be able to tokenize your property and list it onto REX.