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About Us

For hundreds of years, real estate has been a primary hedge against inflation in every market across the world. However, getting into real estate has also always had a high entry cost, forbidding many from being able to enter. Additionally, liquidity has also always been a significant challenge within the market. Our primary objective here at REX is to bring to accessibility and liquidity to the real estate market. We are doing this by bringing you the first truly fractionalized real estate tokenization and cryptocurrency exchange platform to your hands. Our team is composed of real estate, crypto, and finance professionals with a vision. Coming from all over the world with decades of experience in our respective fields, we have joined forces to solve this centuries old problem in a legal and efficient manner.


The REX Exchange will be a decentralized exchange, meaning that once launched the code cannot be altered. We will be conducting full security audits of the code before launch to mitigate any risks.


Our Chief Compliance Officer has enacted standard KYC/AML procedures not only to comply with laws and regulations, but also to verify each individual tokenized property


Not only do we aim to provide a tokenized real estate exchange on a global level, we aim to provide tokenized real estate services on every industry level through vertical integration