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How REX Protocol Works

This is how we bring liquidity and accessibility to real estate via Web3.

For Sellers

REX Protocol's tokenization platform enables property owners to turn their real estate holdings into fungible tokens, which can be listed and sold on the REX Exchange. To tokenize their property, owners need to submit all the necessary property details, proof of ownership, future plans, and build a personal profile. Once these documents are verified, REX Protocol will create a digital representation of the property on our platform, known as a fungible token. This token enables real estate assets to be sold and traded like cryptocurrencies, allowing sellers to list and sell any portion of their holdings in the open market. Using our tokenization and exchange platform, real estate owners will now have instant liquidity on a global cryptocurrency-based real estate exchange; something that has never been available to the public in the past.

For Buyers

REX Protocol provides buyers with a comprehensive platform that enables them to purchase fractional ownership of real estate assets using cryptocurrency. Buyers can select from a wide range of properties listed on our exchange, choose the amount of each property they want to invest in, and complete their purchase using their cryptocurrency wallet. Our exchange provides a familiar interface with functionalities such as limit and stop orders, enabling buyers to execute trades with ease. Once a buyer invests in a property, they become the owner of a fraction of the asset and receive proportional dividends in the form of cryptocurrency. Forget about the high barriers to entry in the global real estate market, the lengthy and complicated negotiations, and the pre-selected single faceted REITs. Buyers from around the world are now able to pick and choose their ideal real estate portfolio. Using the REX exchange will be as easy as any other cryptocurrency exchange.

For The Market

The current real estate market is a slow, illiquid, and inefficient marketplace. REX Protocol provides the solution to all of these issues and more. Our cryptocurrency-based real estate exchange facilitates faster transactions, providing constant price discovery and arbitrage to close market gaps. This, in turn, provides a hedge against inflation and vehicles previously unavailable to the world. Through our platform, REX Protocol solves many of the issues associated with the traditional real estate market. There is usually a lengthy process in a real estate transaction that involves the use of brokers, a lengthy price discovery and listing period, long and invasive due diligence, and a complicated closing process. Using crypto, REX Protocol provides fungible real estate tokens that will be able to provide constant price discovery, use arbitrage to close market gaps, and open investment vehicles that have never before been available to the world.